Wind turbine maintenance 4.0: new technology facilitates maintenance

Wind turbine operators can only secure a good return if the turbines run smoothly, if they operate and monitor many turbines at once, and if they meet the high demands on quality, safety, and the obligation to provide proof. Energy consult GmbH works in this area with a solution from Lufthansa Industry Solutions. This product suite optimizes the documentation, maintenance, and testing of wind turbines.

Wind farm manager energy consult GmbH organizes its wind turbines with an IT solution from Lufthansa Industry Solutions. Lufthansa Industry Solutions has developed a product suite with which companies can organize the operation and maintenance of wind turbines in a much more transparent and time-saving manner. The product consists of a mobile service application and a back-office solution. The application bundles all the documents necessary for maintenance. Thus technicians can view instructions and manuals, checklists, and maintenance reports at any time on a tablet or smartphone. When the maintenance is finished, all the documents are saved on a cloud platform so that managers, operators, appraisers, and others involved in the process can access the necessary information at the touch of a button 24/7.

Improved workflow, cost reductions, and enhanced safety “This IT solution optimizes the testing process and ensures a high level of availability and data security. Moreover, the cloud database provides a central information platform to better structure and considerably simplify the possibilities for evaluation and analysis,” is how Malte Mertens from energy consult describes the advantages of the new solution.

Apart from an improved workflow and cost reductions, the product suite enables higher security. This is especially important to guarantee failure-free operation in the wind energy industry, in which the maintenance processes are as complex as in aviation. “As a subsidiary of Europe’s largest airline, we will apply our process expertise even more to the operation of wind farms in the future. Our solution: mobile services applications as a collaboration platform along the value added chain,” explains Sascha Jevremovic of Lufthansa Industry Solutions.

About Lufthansa Industry Solutions

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