New product suite: Streamlining wind turbine maintenance

Lufthansa Industry Solutions presents new IT solution at the WindEnergy Hamburg

Extensive documentation, a lack of transparency, and slow reaction times: a new service solution from Lufthansa Industry Solutions is taking on these challenges posed by the maintenance of wind turbines. The new product suite, consisting of a mobile and a back-office solution, streamlines maintenance processes and enhances process quality.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions developed the new product suite to help operators of wind turbines achieve failure-free operation. It eases the problem of the insufficient availability of documentation, which has until now been one of the main obstacles in maintenance – especially since the demands being placed on quality, on the obligation to provide proof, and on security are increasing.

The mobile solution from Lufthansa Industry Solutions considerably streamlines the inspection process. It bundles all the documents necessary for maintenance – including data sheets, reports, and operating instructions – and supports various formats and industrial standards. Thus service teams can always obtain electronically the latest information on their maintenance assignment at a glance and, moreover, process and document the assignment directly on a tablet or smartphone on site. What is more, plant managers, operators, and others involved in the process are provided with information around the clock, because the documents are stored on the cloud platform and can be viewed at any time at the push of a button.

Remedy problems more quickly with new and better transparency

Apart from the mobile solution, the new product also includes a back-office solution. The information from the mobile app are incorporated into this back-office solution so that the office staff can see in real time the results being achieved by the service team at the wind turbine. The transparency thus gained helps to keep maintenance engineers provided with information on any problems that may suddenly occur. Thus problems at the site can be remedied much more quickly. It also makes preparing the assignments easier: the office staff bundle all the data necessary for the maintenance work and make it available to the service teams by way of the mobile app.

 “Apart from a more efficient workflow and cost savings, the product suite also enhances process security,” says Oliver Albers, Vice President of Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul at Lufthansa Industry Solutions. “And, as in aviation, that is especially important to the complex maintenance processes involved in guaranteeing failure-free operation in the wind energy industry.”

 Lufthansa Industry Solutions will be presenting the product at the WindEnergy Hamburg from September 27 to 30, 2016 at Stand 259 in Hall A4.

About Lufthansa Industry Solutions

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