Lufthansa Industry Solutions opening new location with innovative open space concept in Oldenburg

Lufthansa Industry Solutions Oldenburg has now moved its 120 employees into a new building in Oldenburg-Kreyenbrück. In keeping with the motto “Gateway of Innovation”, host Meike von Glahn, Vice President of Lufthansa Industry Solutions TS GmbH, is inviting all visitors to see the innovative new space concept for themselves at the new location on May 18. Guests can expect a varied program of workshops, tours and information stands, as well as other matters related to digitalization and Industry 4.0.

Norderstedt, May 18, 2018 – From supermarket to digitalization workshop: after twenty years in Oldenburg, Lufthansa Industry Solutions has now moved into new offices. What makes this so special is that the new building used to be a supermarket and has now been converted into a spacious work environment. “We are looking forward to presenting our innovative open space concept to all our guests at the opening celebration for the first time. It provides the ideal structure for flexible, agile functioning,” says Meike von Glahn, Senior Director of Lufthansa Industry Solutions TS GmbH. From process digitalization, app development and virtual reality up to tracking solutions, all the current digitalization work of the company was on display at the opening. A blockchain coffeemaker even provided for a fresh boost of energy. Here guests were able to pay for their coffee fictitiously with the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Flexible open-space concept at first Hand

The open-space concept is conceived especially for projects in which team constellations and assignments have to be constantly reconfigured. The “SuperGrid” room divider system, a 2.3-meter-high lattice structure consisting of white metal supports, makes working here effective. The stand-alone construction can be individually reduced in size or enlarged, as well as set up and taken down, with the aid of a special wrench. What is more, various elements, such as whiteboards, monitors or even bar tables, can also be installed in the lattice structure. No matter how the SuperGrids are connected to one another, all the elements create a unified visual framework.

Testing IT solutions at the opening ceremony

Furthermore, the visitors to the grand opening had an opportunity to test digitalization solutions from Lufthansa Industry Solutions themselves right on site. For instance, guests could design their dream car with the help of virtual reality technology and make it come alive as a 3D model, or have a fleet of drones fly over the Port of Hamburg. Another of the many things on display was an innovative retrofitting concept that can be individually applied to time-tested machines already in operation. Experts also used a model to show how sensors can be used to measure the electric power used for drilling and milling, for instance, or send real-time information to the user, and how the system responds to artificial errors.

Donation campaign with the Rotary Club

At the same time as the opening, a campaign was held for donations to the Rotary “Nimmerland” project, with which the Rotary Club is enabling schools to enjoy a guest performance of the educational musical “Zachary, the Little Number Devil” by the Nimmerland Theater. This unconventional play makes arithmetic less terrifying and shows that math can actually be a lot of fun.

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