Lufthansa Industry Solutions at the 9th Annual Flight Operations Conference

Presentation: „Airline Flight Operations Digital Document Management - Get the best business process integration out of your Flight Ops Documentation“

There are a lot of audit regulations which Aviation companies have to fulfill, e.g. IOSA regulations. At the 9th Annual Flight Operations Conference Lufthansa Industry Solutions will present its IT-Solution Electronic Flight Operations Manuals (EFOM). EFOM supports the process of obligation to provide proof in the Operations Manuals and therefore improve efficiency and streamline processes.

EFOM is an authoring and publishing system for the creation, management, and provision of Electronic Flight Operations Manuals for flight operations. By means of this solution the relevant data are deployed to the Electronic Flight Bag. EFOM can capture electronically available Flight Crew Operating Manuals (FCOM), support and monitor the subsequent revision process, and ensure the release in accordance with specifications. The publication process that follows produces both fleet- and customer-specific publication results from one source.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions will present itself with an information desk and with a talk at the Conference. In a joint presentation Matthias Schmitt (Lufthansa German Airlines) and Heidi Brockmann (Lufthansa Industry Solutions) discuss how Lufthansa is using the sophisticated digital Flight Ops Documentation solution EFOM. During the conference Lufthansa Industry Solutions will take part in the accompanying exhibition in the Marriot Park Hotel. The 9th Annual Flight Operations Conference will be held in Rome, Italy, from December 1st to 2nd, 2015.