Lünendonk® Study 2019

IT service providers expect continued double-digit growth rates

Lufthansa Industry Solutions is a partner in the new Lünendonk® study on the market for IT service providers

Norderstedt, September 26, 2019 – Companies in Germany are continuing to invest heavily in digitalization despite global uncertainty factors such as the trade dispute between the USA and China or Brexit. IT service providers, who recorded an average sales growth of 11.9 percent in 2018, are also set to benefit from this. The sales expectations of the IT service providers surveyed are also positive, with 10.6 and 10.8 percent expected for 2019 and 2020 respectively.

The integration of digital solutions in back-end IT, agile application developments and cloud implementation are seen as the main drivers for the business in 2019 and 2020. These are the results from the current 2019 Lünendonk® study “Der Markt für IT-Beratung und IT-Service in Deutschland” [“The Market for IT Consulting and IT Services in Germany”]. The analysis examines market structure, trends and developments from the perspective of leading IT service providers and large application companies.

Modernization of the IT landscape is at the forefront of customer companies 

The investment planning of the customer companies surveyed confirm the positive business outlooks of the IT service providers to a large extent. They plan to increase their IT-related expenditure for IT strategies/IT architecture, application development and implementation, as well as further development and modernization of the IT landscape particularly strongly. Overall, the participants in the study are concerned with three issues in particular: modern business applications, greater automation of business processes, and the modernization of IT as a solid foundation for digital processes and business models.

“Companies have to get their current IT systems into shape first before they can take it to the next technological level. In so many cases, the IT infrastructure is not developed enough to allow artificial intelligence, for example, to achieve the additional benefits hoped for. This is why the modernization of the IT landscape and the classic IT services such as IT architecture, systems integration and cloud implementation are now at the forefront,” says Heiko Packwitz, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer at Lufthansa Industry Solutions, confirming the trends from the current Lünendonk® study.

The 2019 Lünendonk® study “Der Markt für IT-Beratung und IT-Service in Deutschland” [“The Market for IT Consulting and IT Services in Germany”] contains current market figures, data and analyses from IT service providers. The study surveyed 70 IT service provider companies and 150 IT managers in the mid-sized sector as well as large companies and corporate groups. A key element of the study is the Lünendonk® list of the top 25 IT consulting and systems integration companies in Germany. In this list, Lufthansa Industry Solutions ranks among the leading IT consulting firms in Germany.

The Lünendonk® 2019 study “The market for IT consulting and IT services in Germany”

Read the study to find out how significant the growth potential for IT service providers really is (only available in German).

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