Lünendonk® Study 2018

IT service providers are a key factor in the digital transformation

Norderstedt, September 20, 2018 – The next few years promise to continue favorably for the IT service industry. Since many client companies are lacking in trained personnel for the likes of artificial intelligence (AI), cloud migration, cybersecurity and the introduction of agile collaboration models, their external support is in sorely needed for digitalization projects. Consequently, the last few years have seen IT service providers become a key factor for a successful digital transformation. This is the conclusion reached by the Mindelheim-based market research and consulting company Lünendonk & Hossenfelder in its study “Leading IT Consulting and IT Service Providers in Germany” recently presented in Munich.

Hence the service providers surveyed for the Lünendonk® study expect demand for their services related to IT security and data security to increase (81%). More than three-quarters (79%) of the providers surveyed presume that client companies introducing new cloud solutions will require more consulting support with regard to their cloud strategy, sourcing options, implementation and orchestration, as well as with networking various cloud solutions. Technologies involving big data analytics, as well as services related to the internet of things (IoT) are additional areas where IT service providers will have to be prepared to provide greater support. However, new technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, which are maturing at an astounding pace, will also play an increasingly important part.

The 2018 Lünendonk® study, “The Market for IT Consulting and IT Service in Germany,” contains up-to-date figures, data and facts on the digital transformation. Along with 78 service provider companies, the survey also included 137 large user companies. A significant part of the Lünendonk study is the Lünendonk list of the top 25 IT consulting and system integration companies in Germany. According to this list, Lufthansa Industry Solutions is among the leading IT consulting firms in Germany.

Lünendonk® Study 2018 “The market for IT consulting and IT service in Germany”

Please download the Lünendonk® Study 2018 here (in German).

About Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Lufthansa Industry Solutions is a service provider for IT consulting and system integration. This Lufthansa subsidiary helps its clients with the digital transformation of their companies. Its customer base includes companies both within and outside the Lufthansa Group, as well as more than 200 companies in various lines of business. The company is based in Norderstedt and employs more than 1,500 members of staff at several branch offices in Germany, Switzerland and the USA.