Machine Learning Study 2019

AI has arrived

Norderstedt, April 3, 2019 – Artificial intelligence and machine learning have arrived at German companies. This is the result of a study published today by IDG Research Services. In collaboration with Lufthansa Industry Solutions and five other partners, the study looked into the status of artificial intelligence and in particular machine learning or deep learning projects in German companies. Is Germany really so behind compared to other countries, as many critical observers are warning? Or are local companies already successfully using machine learning?

The majority are using machine learning

DThere’s no black-and-white picture from the study results. Instead, they called for "a differentiated approach to the topic," summarizes Jürgen Hill, chief editor and technology team leader at Computerwoche (a German weekly journal for CIOs and IT managers). Many aspects are positive, such as the result that more than half of all companies surveyed already use machine learning technologies. Nevertheless, there is some catching up to be done in some aspects. Here are the central key findings:

  • Top topic: Machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning have made it into the top 3 of IT topics. Around 30 percent of those surveyed expect their company to have to deal with the issue over the next year. Only cloud computing and IT security (34 percent each) have more importance for the participants. CEOs and IT departments in particular are driving machine learning forward.

  • Comprehensive use of machine learning

Even though IT experts in particular are pushing the technology, projects associated with machine learning are not only to be found in the IT department these days. While in the previous year almost half of all respondents rated the benefits of machine learning as having the highest relevance for the IT sector, this year the figure was only 36 percent. The reason: experts are now recognizing the potential of the technology in other fields, too.

  • The majority are already using machine learning

Well over half of German companies already use at least one machine learning application (57 percent), and approximately another quarter wants to follow in the next few years at the latest. This has also shown that the larger the IT budget, the more companies are using machine learning.

  • Pathfinders wanted!

Smaller companies with less than 1,000 employees in particular are currently still struggling with the choice of a suitable machine learning model. Around 40 percent stated that they needed support in this, for example from IT consultants.

  • Reaching success together

More than half of companies rely on the expertise of external machine learning specialists. They either get support in individual projects (55.2 percent) or have even completely outsourced the topic (5 percent).

What goals do companies pursue when introducing machine learning, who bears the responsibility and what hurdles have been encountered during implementation? You can read about these and other questions in the current IDG Machine Learning Study 2019.

IDG study for download

In this study, you can read how high-ranking decision-makers assess the status of AI and ML for their companies.

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