Lünendonk® Study 2017

Companies Investing Heavily in Digital Business Models

Norderstedt, August 30, 2017 – The digitalization strategies of big companies and corporate groups in 2017 and 2018 will be aimed at improving the customer journey, developing product and service innovations, and further optimizing business and IT processes through automation and the use of artificial intelligence and robotics. These strategic goals are generating significant investments in technologies, as well as a high demand for external consulting and IT service providers to implement the projects. These are the results of the latest Lünendonk® Study of leading IT consulting firms and IT service providers in Germany recently presented in Munich.

Thus 65 percent of the companies considered optimizing processes through networking, automation, and standardization to be of great relevance. An almost equal number of companies will simultaneously be working to improve the customer journey by using data analytics, as well as by developing and implementing product and service innovations in 2017-2018.

The Lünendonk® Study 2017 surveyed more than ninety provider companies and 103 IT managers in the upper midsize market, as well as large companies and corporate groups. A key element of the Lünendonk study is the Lünendonk list of the top 25 IT consulting and system integration companies in Germany. In this list, Lufthansa Industry Solutions ranks among the leading IT consulting firms in Germany.

Lünendonk® Study 2017 "Leading IT consulting firms and service providers in Germany"

Please download the Lünendonk® Study 2017 here (in German).