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Are you interested in studies on digitisation topics?

Becoming an intelligent company with SAP (2020 techconsult study)

With the help of innovative products, intelligent companies are accelerating the digital transformation and automating their work procedures across all departments and beyond.

Find out how SAP supports companies with its “SAP Intelligent Enterprise” solutions framework in this study.

Go to “Becoming an intelligent company with SAP” study, 2020

Machine Learning (IDG Study 2020)

German companies have made great strides in the field of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) over the last year. Which objectives are pursued, which AI / ML methods are used and how successful companies are – all these aspects are examined in this follow-up study.

In this study, find out how the field of machine learning is developing.

Link to machine learning study 2020

IoT – Make or Buy? (Crisp Research study 2019)

IoT projects are currently an issue of relevance for many companies. The answer to the “make or buy” question – optimize or differentiate – is a decisive one when it comes to continued survival in a changing market.

In this study, you can read how German companies are implementing and operating IoT platforms and projects.

Link to IoT – make or buy study 2019

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? What should a good AI be able to do? Where are their limits? How does an AI learn? And various other aspects are covered in our brochure on Artificial Intelligence. Download the brochure here.

Download Artificial Intelligence Brochure

Internet of Things (IoT)

What is the Internet of Things? What makes a good IoT solution? How does communication work here? And how the architecture? Read about this and other aspects in our IoT brochure. Just download it here:

Download brochure Internet of Things (IoT)