Velimo: an innovative infotainment experience for intercity bus passengers

It is not just low ticket prices that make travelers loyal to intercity bus companies. For many, comfort during the journey is a deciding factor. They want to surf the internet, check their emails, shop online or watch the most recent Hollywood films – which is precisely what Velimo enables them to do. This infotainment solution very simply combines hardware, software and content for intercity buses in one on-board entertainment system.

The liberalization of intercity bus transport in Germany at the beginning of 2013 sparked a price war that is still continuing today. Although intercity bus companies initially profited from high growth rates, in future they will have to take further steps to ensure profitability, as low prices currently mean that hardly any companies are in the black.

In order to increase their viability and compensate for the routes they have on offer in terms of costs, intercity buses need to be working to full capacity. One way of achieving this is to improve customer satisfaction, for example with the help of modern on-board infotainment services. What counts for travelers in this respect is that they get from A to B comfortably while surfing the internet, checking their emails, shopping online or watching their favorite films on the way – and that, ideally, using their own smartphones, tablets or laptops.

An interactive and user-friendly infotainment solution

Lufthansa Industry Solutions developed its on-board entertainment system Velimo especially for this reason. It provides travelers with access to a wide range of digital content, and information and services relevant to their journey. This platform is intuitive and has a user-friendly concept. Passengers connect their device to a secure local network. They can surf the internet or use their travel time to work, for example, via the on-board internet connection. It is also possible to connect to the on-board offerings offline in order to play games or enjoy the most recent Hollywood films and series, for instance.

It’s not just passengers that benefit; intercity bus companies also profit from Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ service. For example, companies can adapt the on-board entertainment system to match their corporate design and expand it where needed by providing their passengers with travel information. The Velimo app also enables passengers to retrieve up-to-date information before their journey starts and provide the company with feedback right after their journey has ended. Different forms of advertising such as videos and banners can be integrated into Velimo, meaning that this solution helps intercity bus companies to increase their profits.

Robust hardware, no installation

Velimo combines hardware, software and content for intercity buses. Bus companies only have one device on board – the robust Velimo SmartBox – which includes a server, access points for connecting to the wireless network and routers for the internet connection. This hardware was developed especially for the challenging requirements of intercity buses and is therefore particularly stable.

Velimo’s ‘BYO device’ approach means that bus companies don’t have to pay any additional costs for the installation of separate screens. If needed, Luthansa Industry Solutions will also integrate its technology into pre-existing information screens in intercity buses.

Intercity bus companies are using Velimo to stand out from their competitors. This infotainment service makes the journey as pleasant as possible for guests and transforms it into a travel experience that improves customer retention. At the same time, it requires minimal effort from intercity bus companies. Lufthansa Industry Solutions takes care of everything – from content and licenses to installation and service.