Keeping guests satisfied at hotels and on ships thanks to modern IT

Hotel and shipowners looking to benefit from growing numbers of guests need to do one thing above all: offer their guests outstanding comfort to keep them loyal. Innovative hospitality and convergence solutions are the key.

More than 1 billion people around the world traveled abroad for pleasure in 2016. According to the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the number of tourists traveling abroad has risen 40-fold since 1950. The international hotel sector is benefiting from this trend – and so is the cruise industry. Around 17 million people took a vacation on the seas in 2009. By 2019, that number will have risen to more than 25 million.

Hotel and cruise ship operators looking to benefit from this development and succeed in the fiercely competitive market need to constantly find new ways of keeping guests and passengers loyal. Outstanding, modern services are one way of ensuring success. Innovative hospitality and convergence solutions are essential for keeping up with the latest user behavior trends and offering guests exclusive added benefits at all times. No matter where they go – from cruise ships to hotels – travelers want to surf the web, use their apps, watch movies and write e-mails, preferably using their own devices.

Growing numbers of guests are a challenge for IT infrastructure

The growing number of guests and their changing needs are a challenge for existing hotel and ship infrastructures. One reason for this is because it is necessary to ensure the availability of safety- and process-relevant systems while also providing services for guests. What is more, hotels and cruise ships need to constantly modernize their IT infrastructure to ensure its constant availability, among other reasons.

As a result, Lufthansa Industry Solutions has developed a network structure especially for the hospitality sector and the cruise industry that combines Wi-Fi and LAN capabilities, telephone systems, closed-circuit security cameras (CCTV), room automation, and lighting and air conditioning controls, as well as digital signage and location-based services. Integrating all applications into the network structure – including those provided by third parties –makes it easier for companies to centrally monitor and manage them. For example, system outages can be identified before guests return to their rooms or by directly forwarding information on digital door signs, such as “Please make up room,” to facility management.

Unique guest experience thanks to the Velimo mobile solution

Companies also have the option of integrating the Velimo mobile platform, which was developed by Lufthansa Industry Solutions especially for the cruise and tourism industry. The platform offers guests access to a wide range of digital content and smart services. It is also capable of connecting mobile devices and TVs, digital signage displays and room controls. Cruise passengers can use Velimo to control the temperature of their cabins, order breakfast and amenities straight to their cabins, or find out about the current route and points of interest, to name just a few examples.

Velimo faciliates check in

Hotels can use Velimo to offer their guests a virtual keycard, which can also make check-in easier and more efficient. The hotel network recognizes the smartphones of guests who have already registered with Velimo as soon as they enter the hotel. They then automatically receive a digital keycard and can access their rooms without having to get in line at the reception desk. It also allows guests to control their air conditioning or order a drink to their room while lounging by the pool.

Velimo’s architecture is designed for flexible expansion as needed. Together with a powerful IT infrastructure, the Velimo platform creates a unique guest experience – on board ships and at hotels.

Lufthansa Industry Solutions has many years of experience in the cruise and hospitality industries and supports its clients along every step of the way toward secure network and internet solutions, from the concept and implementation of IT infrastructures to the optimization of existing ones.

Digital solutions for Covid-19 protection - whitepaper for download

The corona pandemic has fundamentally changed many business processes and poses major challenges for the economy, culture, tourism and healthcare sectors:

  • How to maintain or restart operations with the lowest possible risk of infection?
  • How to ensure compliance with the infection control rules and document them if necessary?
  • How best to track contact chains in an emergency?
  • How do you implement any upcoming special rules for people vaccinated against corona or people with a negative Covid-19 test result?

For all of these and many other questions, there are digital solutions; data protection included. In the whitepaper, you will find current use cases and technological implementation options.