Restart with a plan

Emerge stronger from the crisis with the Supply Chain Quick Check

Lufthansa Industry Solutions now offers a Supply Chain Quick Check: a rapid analysis of your supply chain and IT processes. It provides companies with specific recommendations on how they can set up certain business areas of their supply chain in the future, enabling them to quickly return to their daily routine. Because if you take the right steps in time, you can prepare the restart and the corporate future in an optimal way.

Phases of the corona crisis: Making the right decisions with the Supply Chain Quick Check

Corona has had a strong impact on the global economy. Whether service providers, industry or trade - everyone is feeling the effects of the crisis on their business. For example, supply chains have collapsed not only at central points such as ports or airports, but also at interim storages or at sub-suppliers who are often unknown. The global economy and our everyday working lives will change with lasting effect. In many places there is uncertainty as to what the next steps can and should look like.

The Quick Check is designed for …

  • Companies that have been negatively affected by the crisis and that want to successfully manage the restart in order to be optimally positioned for the future.
  • Winners of the crisis, who want to preserve the positive effects of the crisis as well as use the potential and opportunities that have emerged.
Supply Chain Quick Check approach - from analysis to recommendation.

Supply Chain Quick Check: Recommendations for action in only 14 days

With the Quick Check, LHIND analyzes your supply chain and IT processes, uncovers existing potential and subsequently derives specific next steps. After only 14 days, companies can expect clear recommendations for action. A standardized methodology ensures this. In the first step, LHIND's experts initially focus on up to six fields of action (end-to-end supply chain transparency, supply chain planning, risk management, supply chain finance, workforce management and automation). The evaluation phase is followed by an analysis of the results using a market-proven step-by-step model, which is set in relation to market performance on the basis of historical data and KPIs. In this way, companies receive not only an objective assessment of the status quo of their processes and organization, but also specific recommendations for action and decision-making guidance. This enables them to position themselves perfectly for the future.

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Checklist: How to get through the restart

  • Secure ongoing, operational processes
  • Create transparency
  • Assess and eliminate risks
  • Identify potentials and key factors
  • Prioritize fields of action for the future

"Companies should actively approach the restart and act quickly to adapt their structures and processes to the constantly changing circumstances. With the Supply Chain Quick Check, we offer companies the framework to drive fast and objective decision making"

Thomas Nock
Associate Director Supply Chain Management at LHIND


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