Logistics 4.0: air cargo handling with ELWIS

Digitalization is revolutionizing air cargo handling. To prepare them for the new age of Logistics 4.0, companies are in need of IT solutions that streamline processes cost-efficiently, anticipate the standards of the future and provide versatility of use.

From Logistics 4.0 to Industry 4.0: New technologies are revolutionizing air cargo handling. The Internet of Things (IoT), electronic shipping files and an increasing need for real-time information are posing new challenges to the performance capacity of companies’ IT operations. At the same time, air cargo carriers face the challenge of streamlining their processes cost-efficiently.

In order to deal with orders increasingly quickly and communicate reliably with customers and partners, modern logistics companies need IT solutions with a command of all current and future standards that can be used anywhere at any time.

An IT solution for the digital transformation

Logistics companies are taking off into the digital future of air cargo handling with ELWIS. The newest generation of the Electronic Logistics & Warehouse Information System (ELWIS) by Lufthansa Industry Solutions has been optimized to deal with the processes of Logistics 4.0. This air cargo handling system integrates all facets of cargo handling into one easy interface – from paperless documentation, physical handling and electronic messaging to airlines and freight forwarders, to invoicing and monitoring of service-level agreements. In Germany, electronic messaging takes place using ATLAS, the customs software of the German Federal Customs Service. In addition to this, ELWIS is connected with Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ software solution CusLink, which logistics companies can use to clear air cargo for customs in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Modular and from the cloud

ELWIS is available from Lufthansa Industry Solutions as a cloud solution. Due to its modular structure, users can select the functions and interfaces that fit in with their processes and environment. They can incorporate, for example, industry scales, barcode scanners, accounting systems and airport information systems in the blink of an eye. A central, flexible communication hub makes it easier to connect periphery devices such as volume scanners and automatized warehouse systems. ELWIS supports forward-looking handling standards such as Cargo iQ (formerly Cargo 2000) and e-freight.

Standardized user interface, paperless cargo handling

Available on the desktop and as a tablet app, ELWIS is at hand wherever logistics experts need IT. Filling out forms on paper in the warehouse and entering the results into office PC is now a thing of the past. Information can be easily entered on a mobile device and automatically transmitted to the system using the ELWIS tablet app. This significantly reduces costs, streamlines administration and increases productivity in everyday cargo handling. Thanks to a standardized, intuitive user interface, there is no longer any need to train users to use a range of different systems.

In this way, with ELWIS, Lufthansa Industry Solutions has updated and optimized air cargo processes for efficient and forward-looking customs clearance. Many successful companies are already using our IT solution. Billund Airport, Wisskirchen Logistik, PortGround and Apron Airline Support Services – to name just a few – are all taking off into the digital future of logistics with ELWIS. 

Produktblatt ELWIS

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