Patris: smart mobility concepts for transportation companies

Transportation companies are utilizing the IT solutions from the Patris product group to digitalize their processes in order to provide their target groups with smart mobility experiences. New intelligent analyses of customer demand and necessary resources are cutting costs and increasing revenues.

The digitalization of public transportation is gaining momentum. Travelers are booking their travel more and more frequently in e-ticket form using flexible price models, and expect new services during and after their journeys – like extensive wireless networks and traffic information in real time. This means that there is increasing individual demand from target groups for flexibility, individuality, speed and convenience in public transportation.

Bus and train transportation companies that want to keep pace with and benefit from these developments are faced with far-reaching changes to their processes. They need IT solutions with efficient planning, sales and invoicing processes that help them to counter disruptive business models and provide target groups with new mobility experiences in line with their ever-changing needs.

Accelerating the digitalization of public transportation with Patris

With the new generation of the integrated software solution Patris (Passenger Transport Integrated Sales System), transportation companies are reaching new heights on the way to smart mobility.

The two components, Patris Office and Patris Ticketing, form a proven all-in-one solution. Patris pools functions that help with calculating fares, sales, invoicing, sub-ledger, transit pass administration, customer communication and much more in one unified user interface. 

The software solutions from the new generation of Patris enable transportation companies to provide their passengers with intuitive, efficient processes for planning, booking and making payments. By connecting seamlessly to a CRM module, providers can also improve customer retention and customer satisfaction – for example, with personalized real-time information on smartphone displays.

Increase business potential with predictive analytics

Transportation companies can better analyze their business operations by intelligently utilizing resources and customer information with Patris, which supports the new module Patris Analytics from the Data Insight Lab. Thanks to these big data functions, it is easier than ever for transportation companies to cut their costs and increase their revenues with flexible price models and intelligent maintenance reminders.

As many as 26 German municipal transportation companies are achieving intelligent mobility for a livable future with Patris.