Mydea: turning staff ideas into innovations

New business models are often the result of consistent idea and innovation management. If a company wants to sustainably harness the immense creative potential of its staff, customers and partners, it needs an intuitive and motivational collaboration solution.

Digital and mobile business models are creating competition and turning many established markets on their heads. However, new approaches are rarely a product of chance, but rather the result of consistent idea and innovation management. A company’s own staff, customers and partners often have the best ideas, as they are particularly close to the product.

To ensure that this creative potential does not amount to nothing, companies should systematically incorporate the ideas of their staff, customers and partners into the development, selection and implementation of innovative projects. To do so, they require collaborative solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into their existing IT infrastructure.

Inspiring new ideas with gamification and enterprise crowdfunding

Companies can use Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ application Mydea to include their entire workforce in the management of ideas and innovations in a way that creates sustainable value. Employees can access this intuitive platform from their standard browser. They can use the platform to submit or discuss proposals and take part in deciding which projects should be implemented in which way. Customers and partners can also be involved in the process.

Mydea picks up on crowdfunding and gamification mechanisms. Challenges, rankings, badges and receiving returns from projects function as incentives. The entire process is mapped out transparently for all involved, from the submission of ideas to the conclusion of projects. This makes for lively and visible innovation management.

Flexible architecture can be adapted to workflow.

Mydea adapts to a company’s existing IT structures. In its classic on-site variant, the application is used on a SharePoint basis. Alternatively, companies can decide in favor of web-based implementation using the cloud platforms Office 365 and Microsoft Azure.

In both scenarios, its modular principle means that Mydea can be integrated into a range of different Microsoft Office applications. As a Microsoft Gold Partner in the fields of collaboration and content, Lufthansa Industry Solutions is able to both implement Mydea and integrate it into a company’s existing Microsoft environment from a single source.

Platform for a sustainable culture of innovation

Mydea does not just help companies to generate more ideas, but also to systematically turn these ideas into innovations. This makes it easier to create a sustainable culture of innovation and paves the way for safeguarding valuable competitive advantages.

Product data sheet Mydea

Please download the product sheet Mydea here.

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