Hannover Messe 2019, Hall 6, booth H17
Experience our IoT and AI showcases

Here is a short preview of what you will find at our booth at Hannover Messe this year.

Digitalization of factories to optimize processes with sensors

  • Early detection of irregularities to prevent machine failures
  • Non-invasive integration of sensors to get a full machine health status
  • End-to-End integration of eligible machines into modern production lines
  • Upgrading existing machines for the future with minimal costs

Monitor the health condition of your valuable assets worldwide

  • Edge-computing for mishandling and damage detection
  • Additional sensors for cargo monitoring (temperature, humidity, pressure …)
  • Non-invasive installation
  • Long battery life and high availability to keep maintenance efforts low
  • Improved claim management through automatic mishandling detection

Secure and seal production or sensor data for transmission all over around the world

  • Guaranteed integrity of data exchanged between IoT devices through an unique protocol and sealed data packets
  • Creation of Tamper-proof, auditable records, which can be trusted by all parties
  • Enable secure data transmission without touching the original data pipeline
  • Usage of a lightweight client (firmware) on the IoT device
  • No cost/bandwidth problem due to a two-stage Blockchain

Real-time localization of arbitrary assets with high precision (indoor and outdoor)

  • Real-time localization in 2D and 3D
  • Condition monitoring by integration and connection of numerous sensors
  • Cost reduction through intelligent resource management
  • Wayfinding, Indoor Navigation and Access Control
  • Supply Chain Optimization

Recognise the sentiment and the age of your customers in a video stream

  • Video stream analytics for person and face recognition
  • Real-time sentiment and age detection
  • Offline implementation without the need of a cloud backend
  • Data locality for high standard of data protection

Observing an Artificial Intelligence reasoning about sketches

  • Real time recognition of hand drawn sketches
  • Classification of sketches based on sequences of strokes
  • Predictions available from the first strokes
  • Visualisation of the AI’s predictions to make model transparent
  • Transferable to analysing process steps e.g. in logistics or robotics

Find more information in our current brochure:

Artificial intelligence only advances us when we all have a common basis on which we can discuss. Only when everyone is in a position to contribute their ideas the full potentialof the technology can be exploited. This is why our brochure provides an overview of important aspects of Artificial Intelligence, such as functionalities, prerequisites and limitations.

Find more information in our current brochure:

What are the goals of the Internet of Things (IoT), what makes a good IoT solution and what mistakes can be avoided? Our brochure provides answersto questions about the technologies, applications and challenges of the Internet of Things. One focus is on the use of the new technologies in industry.

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