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Mobile solutions, big data, Industry 4.0 / the Internet of Things, IT security, SAP services and consulting, and collaboration platforms: These focus topics are fixed components of Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ company and growth strategy. This is because they are the most important drivers of IT, which are gaining increasing importance in the age of digitization. They are the key to companies’ successful digital transformation.

These focus topics also mirror Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ core competences. Our strength lies in our ability to combine technical know-how with process and industry expertise as well as entrepreneurial thinking. For this reason, we work together in interdisciplinary expert teams, especially at the beginning of projects.

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Mobile solutions

creating new customer relationships

Providing decision-makers with information everywhere at all times, creating new communication channels for customers and establishing paperless documentation: Mobile solutions have immense potential to set companies apart from the competition. Lufthansa Industry Solutions develops mobile applications for the main platforms and assists companies with strategic consulting and during integration. Our user-centred design and graphic layout lead to applications being specifically user-friendly.
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Big data

key technology for company success

Those who use all of a company’s data across the board are better equipped to make decisions, develop more specific products and to service machines more economically. Big data analytics methods and technologies form the basis. Lufthansa Industry Solutions assists companies throughout their data ecosystems and connects big data analytics with classic business intelligence ¬technologies. We develop customer strategies and use cases, analyze your data internally or in our Data Insight Lab, and set up data platforms for running operations.
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Industry 4.0 and the IoT

the future is connected

In order to remain internationally competitive, companies need to connect all participants in the value-creation process with one another and automate their processes. If industrial companies equip their machines and materials with sensors, they can utilize the information they gain to use their resources more cost efficiently and improve customer retention with new services. Lufthansa Industry Solutions shows how companies can establish technological innovations – like the Internet of Things – profitably. In doing so, we deliver end-to-end solutions and cover the entire spectrum – from software development to the creation of security concepts and data analysis.
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IT security

long-term protection for IT systems

Each degree of interconnection increases the need for IT security solutions. Decades of experience with the particularly high security demands of air travel have made Lufthansa Industry Solutions one of the number-one experts for information security. We provide the most modern security technologies and IT services – from the analysis of security requirements and the development of security concepts to the implementation and operation of IT security. Our solutions include architectures and platforms for secure mobile access as well as penetration tests and security audits.
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SAP services and consulting

for optimal business processes

It is the goal of many companies to have consistent, internationally consolidated SAP landscapes. Lufthansa Industry Solutions operates captive and medium-sized SAP landscapes within the industry. As an SAP partner, we provide medium-sized and large enterprises with a complete portfolio of SAP services. These include services such as system integration, migration, company-wide integration, mobility, application management, process-oriented SAP consulting, international SAP roll out projects and technologies such as SAP HANA, Fiori and UI5.
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Collaboration platforms

working together more efficiently

Digitization makes working together easier – even across company borders. Data and documents can be shared, distributed and jointly edited more easily than ever. This optimizes workflows. In the field of social business, Lufthansa Industry Solutions relies on different software solutions with diverse functions and application possibilities, such as Microsoft SharePoint. We assist customers using our comprehensive practical knowledge – from preliminary considerations to implementation, on the basis of agile project management methods.
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