“We all pull together” –
An interview with IT consultant Thorben Rose

Developing software solutions that are optimally customized to meet the customer’s requirements together with colleagues - teamwork plays a huge role in IT consultant Thorben Rose’s job. The advantage: everybody shares their knowledge, allowing them to learn something new every day.

Which business unit do you work in at Lufthansa Industry Solutions? 

I work as an IT consultant in the Automotive business unit. The focus of my work is software development and developing Java applications. At the moment, I don’t have that much contact with customers because I’m in the development team. The analysis team is the team primarily responsible for direct customer contact. But the two teams work together closely. For example, our colleagues fall back on us if there are any technical questions that need to be sorted out with the customer. Moreover, we don’t just implement the requirements the way the customer describes them in the first step – my tasks include identifying what exactly the customer wants to the point that I can also recommend improvements.

I’m currently working on a project with 20 colleagues using the agile Scrum method. All of the employees have their own special abilities and apply them to the project. Everybody is different, and that’s what I find so great about my job: the fact that we set ourselves quite complex tasks as a group that we wouldn’t be able to perform on our own. We work as a team, and we all pull together.

What does your working day look like?

We work to the same schedule every day. Once a day, we get together as a team, and everybody reports on what they’ve been doing, what they’re currently working on and how much progress has been made. Moreover, Scrum means that our work is organized into what are referred to as “sprints,” which have a three-week cycle. This means, firstly, that we present our current results to the customer every three weeks in a review. But it also means that we have to adapt to new tasks every three weeks if the project has been adjusted to meet modified requirements.

The application that we’re programming for the customer as part of our current project communicates with a lot of different systems. Because there are always updates taking place in those systems, we have to keep adjusting our application. Therefore, alongside my normal daily routine where I concentrate on my part of the application’s development, I also have to work with the others to keep finding ad hoc solutions to these problems. For this reason, all of us on the team are in active dialog with each other.

“Hardly a day goes by where I don’t learn something new. We constantly share our new knowledge with our other colleagues and discuss how it might also be applied in different areas.”

Thorben Rose, IT consultant

When did you start working for Lufthansa Industry Solutions?

In September 2016, and I’ve been working in our current project ever since. I started by completing an apprenticeship as an IT systems engineer with the German Bundeswehr and then went on to do a bachelor’s degree in business informatics. So, I was a bit late to student life, but, because of that, I was able to gain some practical experience before I started my studies, in particular with teamwork.

What do you like most about your work?

We’re always dealing with new technologies, which is why is why all of our employees are continuously developing. Hardly a day goes by where I don’t learn something new. We constantly share our new knowledge with our other colleagues and discuss how it might also be applied in other areas. Some of my colleagues are working on two projects at once and can apply knowledge from one project to the other one, allowing them to better advise the customer. We always have new colleagues joining the project, who bring in new input and fresh ideas. But there’s no difference between being new and having been here for years – everybody learns new things. Our team doesn’t get tired of setting itself new tasks.

About Thorben Rose

Thorben Rose has been working as an IT consultant with a focus on software solutions at Lufthansa Industry Solutions’ Oldenburg location since September 2016. Before that, he did an apprenticeship with the German Bundeswehr as an IT systems engineer and went on to successfully complete a bachelor’s degree in business informatics.