“Software developer is my dream job” – an interview with trainee Régis Martin

From Saarbrücken to Oldenburg: Régis Martin has been living out his passion for Java during his training to become an IT specialist at Lufthansa Industry Solutions. In this interview, he tells us what he finds so fascinating about computer language and why he swapped his home town for Northern Germany.

Mr. Martin, you are completing your training to become an IT specialist. What made you decide to do your training at Lufthansa Industry Solutions?

I really wanted to work for a large corporation and I then ran across Lufthansa while I was looking for a job on the internet. After the job interview, it very quickly became clear to me that I wanted to do this training. What I really liked about Lufthansa Industry Solutions was that they mainly used Java to program. That is the computer language that I had learned during my studies. In addition to this, I liked the size of the Oldenburg office, with around 100 staff members.

How is your training structured?

I began my training in September 2014. Regular training usually lasts three years. However, I was able to reduce that time to two-and-a-half years because of my good school grades, which means that I will have my final examination in January 2017.

I have a fixed training program and always spend one week at vocational school and then two weeks in the company. Because I had already studied computer science for three semesters, my prior knowledge was so good that I was allowed to dabble in a ‘real’ project earlier. It was a project in the logistics industry. It was just what I wanted.

Computer science is right up my alley. Developing things, engaging with logic and then seeing how it all works on a website is a lot of fun.

Régis Martin, Trainee IT specialist

What does your everyday work in Oldenburg involve?

In my first project, I was able to work with databases and Java. Afterward, I was involved in the development of the backend of a car configurator for a major car company. Here we had to develop a tool that displayed images of the assembled car. I have worked on a range of very different projects in the field of software development. I have now been pulled out of everyday operations because I have my final examination soon, which means that I can wholeheartedly concentrate on my examination and study.

Which of your tasks do you enjoy the most?

I was allowed to help my colleagues during the redevelopment of Java functions for a customer. I loved being able to think about implementation and then test the software at the end. The exciting thing about Java is that it is a very versatile language that is platform independent. Java has a clear structure and uses the syntax of a lot of other well-known computer languages. If you can ‘speak’ Java, it’s easier to start learning a lot of other computer languages.

IT consultant – agile software development (JAVA) (m/f/diverse)

As an IT Consultant (m/f/diverse) specializing in agile software development (JAVA), you are responsible for concept, architecture, implementation and testing on our agile development teams, as well as for building and deploying the products you help develop, thanks to your excellent programming skills and your experience with scrum, extreme programming (XP) and kanban.

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Were you lucky enough to know Java from your studies, or did you make a conscious decision to try it out?

It was a coincidence. But I do think that it is comparatively easy for me to learn Java. I grew up bilingually and went to a German-French high school. This means that I learn foreign languages really quickly. And computer languages are foreign languages in the broadest sense.

What are your goals for the year after you finish your training?

It’s my dream job to be a software developer. After my training, I would definitely like to keep working at Lufthansa Industry Solutions. Computer science is right up my alley. Developing things, engaging with logic and then seeing how it all works on a website is a lot of fun.

Do you also program in your free time?

Yes. Lufthansa Industry Solutions supports a charity project for children who suffer from the metabolic illness cystic fibrosis. We are developing an app to motivate the children to exercise. It’s really important because these children spend a lot of time at home before their transplants and forget to do exercise. Sometimes this means that they aren’t fit enough for their surgical procedures.

We were inspired by game development because the app is made for children. These little patients can create their own avatar, for instance. In addition to this, the app shows how the exercises are supposed to be done. We’ll probably incorporate the sensors of mobile devices later on. 

You moved all the way to Oldenburg for your training. How do you like it there?

Because I was born in Saarbrücken, what I miss most in these lowlands are the hills. But everything else here suits me wonderfully. We are a young team in Oldenburg with a lot of colleagues who have come straight from their studies. If I have a question, they are all really understanding because they all know too well what it’s like at the beginning. And we also put on frequent team events. That made my start in Oldenburg very easy. 

About Régis

Régis Martin is currently training to become an IT specialist, focusing on the development of agile software, at Lufthansa Industry Solutions in Oldenburg. He will complete his two-and-a-half years of training in January 2017. Beforehand, Martin studied computer science for a few semesters at Saarland University.

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