“I make it all come together” – an interview with IT consultant Markus Janssen

It doesn’t matter if it’s an IP telephone rollout in Brazil or if a car company wants to develop its IT platforms: Markus Janssen is the right man for the job. He is an IT consultant at Lufthansa Industry Solutions and loves the variety his job provides. In this interview, he talks about his work liaising between departments and IT development and why the atmosphere at Lufthansa Industry Solutions is so friendly.

Mr. Janssen, you are an IT consultant at Lufthansa Industry Solutions. What are you up to at the moment?

I have been working as a project manager for a large car company for over a year now, where I am managing two systems development projects in their in-house IT department. Specifically, I am working on a web development and a database. I make it all come together. I manage the projects from the company and make sure that all of the service providers know what they have to deliver. To do so, I make project plans and always keep an eye on the current status and timing of the project.

What is the key to success in your work?

I am the middleman between the company, the departments, market and service providers. I frequently have to balance different interests. This includes meeting with and satisfying the stakeholders, which means that I have to be able to coordinate. For example, I always make sure that the company department is happy, because it’s their requirements that are being implemented. On the other hand, I need a good grasp of the technology in order to take delivery of services from IT providers.

Markus Matuschke, IT-Berater bei Lufthansa Industry Solutions

It’s precisely this combination of technology and business that I find interesting in IT consulting. It’s exciting to be involved in the development of products and to understand what’s happening.

Markus Janssen, IT consultant in business analysis / process consulting

A consultant frequently changes projects or works in different industries. What attracts you to this kind of work?

The appeal for me is that I don’t have to work in just one department at one company for the next ten years. I can take a look at different industries, different sectors and companies of different sizes and move things along. I am already looking forward to going on a new journey once my time with the car manufacturer has ended. I don’t know where exactly the journey will take me, but it will definitely be a job where I am thrown into the deep end and will have to learn how to swim again. It’s great.

What are the qualities that you need for this job?

If you want to be an IT consultant, you need to have technical expertise – you need to have had technical training or completed a business degree with a technical focus, for example. But it’s even more important that you’re not scared of dealing with customers. You grow into the role of a consultant pretty quickly.

What was your first project at Lufthansa Industry Solutions as a recent graduate?

I was involved with the management of a project for a large shipping company. My job was to switch over the shipping company’s telephones worldwide to IP telephones. They needed somebody in Brazil on the spur of the moment who would help them during the rollout. Because I’m a qualified network technician, I was able to fly to Santos and take on the job. It was a great start.

I can take a look at different industries, different sectors and companies of different sizes and move things along. I am already looking forward to going on a new journey once my time with the car manufacturer has ended.

Markus Matuschke, IT-Berater mit Schwerpunkt Business-Analyse
Markus Janssen
IT consultant in business analysis / process consulting

How did you become aware of Lufthansa Industry Solutions?

I was looking for a job at the end of my studies at the NORDAKADEMIE Elmshorn. Like many others, in the beginning I primarily associated Lufthansa Industry Solutions with the aviation industry and didn’t think it was for me. But then my classmates told me that Lufthansa Industry Solutions worked for an unbelievable range of industries and customers. So I applied and, like all of the other applicants, had to go through the classic application process.

Business Analyst (m/f/diverse)

Business Analyst (m/f/diverse) work on site on our domestic and international project assignments for our customers in industry, logistics, the energy sector, the healthcare sector and the media. They identify our customers’ needs and business requirements and mediate between our customers’ departments and IT development. They translate process requirements into technical concepts.

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Why did you choose Lufthansa Industry Solutions?

When I compared it with other companies, I found the atmosphere at Lufthansa Industry Solutions to be very natural. The atmosphere during my job interview with my future boss and the HR department was warm, but still very professional.

And it’s still like that: All of my colleagues at Lufthansa Industry Solutions are very helpful. I work with a lot of other consulting companies in my job. Some of them are dominated by a very competitive mindset. At Lufthansa Industry Solutions, the most important thing is to achieve a good result. And that’s what Lufthansa Industry Solutions means to me.

About Markus

Markus Janssen has been working as an IT consultant with a focus on business analysis and process consultation in the Logistics and Maritime Industries division of Lufthansa Industry Solutions since April 2015. The qualified IT systems integration specialist graduated from the Nordakademie Elmshorn with a cooperative degree in business informatics, which he gained while simultaneously working at an e-commerce company. He joined Lufthansa Industry Solutions right after he completed his studies.

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