“I think the freedom for new things is great” – An interview with IT project manager Anis Rahimic

Where is the container, and when will it arrive? Anis Rahimic provides the customers of a large shipping company with answers to such questions every day. In this interview, the e-commerce subproject manager explains what drew him to the IT industry and how he got his first project as an IT consultant in the kitchen of a break room.

Mr. Rahimic, what do you do as an e-commerce subproject manager in the Logistics and Maritime Industries division?

Many people think of online shopping when they hear the word e-commerce. But in logistics, the focus is on solutions like track and trace. My day-to-day work involves setting up individual points of contact and communication for customers of a large shipping company that they can use to receive the information they want, such as where their containers are, when they will arrive, and so on.

Funnily enough, I worked on an e-commerce market survey in the Maritime Industries division years ago as an intern, and now everything is coming full circle. In the early years of my career, however, I first worked in the aviation industry as an IT consultant for Lufthansa Industry Solutions.

How did you get your start at Lufthansa Industry Solutions?

I was in a master’s program at Universität Hamburg for IT management and consulting, and Lufthansa Industry Solutions is a program partner. I then applied to Lufthansa Industry Solutions for those modules with a practical focus, like my master’s thesis.

One day, just as I had begun working on my master’s thesis at the Hamburg office, a big management meeting was held there. During the coffee break, two people in charge of business areas approached me. They had heard about my thesis and asked if I would have the time straightaway for a project with a Japanese airline in Tokyo. After taking a night to think it over, I said yes. Two weeks later, I was working in Japan. I finished my master’s thesis parallel to my work on the project.

Anis Rahimic - IT-Projektmanager bei LHIND

“I appreciate the freedom for new things. For instance, I had the opportunity as part of an in-house innovation project to develop a prototype for the task of picking items with the help of Google Glass. We use this prototype at trade fairs to illustrate parts of our range of services.”

Anis Rahimic, e-commerce subproject manager for the Logistics and Maritime Industries division

What was your first project in Japan?

We advised a major Japanese airline. Airlines have highly complex accounting systems for their revenues. For example, they are only allowed to recognize a purchased ticket under profit once the passenger is actually in the air – meaning the purchased service has been rendered – and not when the passenger buys the ticket. Together with my colleagues, I introduced the Japanese airline to the SAP-based product Sirax, which automates accounting processes. In the end, I was extremely familiar with the product and its underlying processes, which is why I spent some time continuing to work on consulting projects for airlines before I switched to the Logistics and Maritime Industries division.

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IT project managers (m/f/diverse) are our clients’ key contacts and oversee a wide range of IT consultancy projects in the fields of software, process and organization. They manage the phases of the project, from supporting the pitch and planning the project to development and handover to the client.

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What do you like about Lufthansa Industry Solutions as your employer?

I like the development possibilities. Recently, I had the opportunity as part of an in-house innovation project to test Google Glass. We developed a prototype for picking items. We use this prototype at trade fairs and client meetings to illustrate parts of our range of services. I think the freedom to try out new things ourselves is great.

Are new technologies also the reason why you decided on a career in IT in the first place?

Definitely. As part of an info event hosted by the business informatics program, professors presented projects that will be possible within the next ten years thanks to new technologies. The message was crystal clear: IT is going to be driving it all. That was the green light that sent me full speed ahead into the world of IT.

I myself now also share this same message with young students. For three years now, we here at Lufthansa Industry Solutions have been organizing a work experience day, where several of my colleagues and I present our jobs and what we do to interested students. What’s more, the students have the opportunity to come up with a solution to a specific problem during workshop sessions. This gives them a taste of what it’s like to be an IT consultant.

About Anis Rahimic

Anis Rahimic has been working as an IT consultant at Lufthansa Industry Solutions since October 2013. Currently, he is an e-commerce subproject manager in the Logistics and Maritime Industries division. Before that, he gained work experience as a student trainee at Lufthansa Industry Solutions through his master’s program in IT management and consulting (ITMC) at Universität Hamburg. Anis Rahimic also wrote his master’s thesis at the company.

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