“The complexity intrigues me” –
An interview with SAP IT consultant Dr. Abhinand Jha

Simplifying customers’ day-to-day work with IT solutions: Dr. Abhinand Jha works as an SAP IT consultant in MRO. In this interview, he explains how he went from physics student to SAP expert, what he likes most about his job and why he is an avid Lufthansa employee.

What do you do as an IT consultant specialized in SAP?

I work in the MRO business unit, which deals with the maintenance, repair and overhaul of landing gear in aircraft. Together with the supplier HCL AXON, we have developed a special software solution in SAP for this purpose. I manage this software at various subsidiaries of our customer Lufthansa Technik – in Sun Valley in the United States, in London and in Frankfurt. I mainly work from the Hamburg site, however. My workstation is currently located in the airport at the Lufthansa Technik plant.

My duties include adapting the software to the requests of the customers. Customers call us whenever they need something modified. I note what their needs are, sit down with the specialists and discuss the technical details. We then come up with a specific solution for the customer to address the problem. We always aim to provide software that makes work easier for our customers. 

What path did your professional career take?

After earning my physics degree at the University of Bremen, I did my doctorate there as well. Actually, only the dissertation defense took place in Bremen. I wrote the dissertation itself in Berlin at the Federal Office for Radiation Protection. The majority of my research consisted of solving formulas with a pen and paper. On top of that, I was also working in the lab. Even while I was writing my dissertation, I developed mathematical algorithms that are also used in physics.

Once I finished my PhD, I worked at the Federal Office for Radiation Protection until 2014. Afterwards, I worked for a year as an SAP developer. I spent most of my time sitting in front of a computer writing code. Ultimately, the job was a lot like what I did during my dissertation, but with both jobs, I missed having contact with people. Communication is one of my greatest strengths, which is why I applied to Lufthansa Industry Solutions in 2015 as an IT consultant specialized in SAP. I now know the business side of things in addition to the technical side, which is a real advantage whenever I am working with a customer at their place of business. 

“I see how the people work and get to know various business processes. Implementing the technical requirements afterwards is really exciting. It’s like a puzzle that you put together piece by piece.”

Dr. Abhinand Jha, SAP IT consultant

What aspects of your work excite you?

Traveling a lot during projects and getting to know different people is the part I love most. I see how the people work and get to know various business processes. Implementing the technical requirements afterwards is really exciting. It’s like a puzzle that you put together piece by piece. The complexity intrigues me. The work always presents me with new challenges, and no two projects are alike.

I had a really nice experience last year when I was involved in a project in which we managed to streamline an extremely complex process. The customers were so pleased with the result that they thanked me personally, especially the customer’s employees, who are now working with our solution every day. It was a really great feeling. 

What skills are necessary to be an IT consultant specialized in SAP? What are the biggest keys to success?

The biggest keys would be technical know-how, analytical thinking and being a fast learner. You have to grasp the complex relationships between the processes and then streamline them. Lufthansa Industry Solutions is not interested merely in looking for theoretical solutions - it is after practical and creative solutions. I have to present these solutions in an organized manner to the customer. Within the scope of project work, you can be extremely creative. Of course, you have to be willing to travel a great deal, too. 

SAP IT consultant (m/f/diverse)

IT consultants (m/f/diverse) specializing in SAP develop solutions for our clients, advise them on special SAP modules and draft concepts as a road map for developments while helping oversee migration and rollout projects in a wide range of industries. They support development, marketing and sales, plus they manage technical projects and sub-projects with responsibility for business and commercial deliverables.

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Why did you choose Lufthansa Industry Solutions as an employer?

From the very first interview, I thought the people I talked with at Lufthansa Industry Solutions were extremely likable. What is more, Lufthansa Industry Solutions is right at the top of the IT industry. The company has a wide range of interesting projects that spark an exchange of views and information. As an employee, you have the opportunity to continue developing. There are many different fields in a wide array of industries, which gives people the chance to work on another industry project from time to time and to get to know a new project setting. I had always wanted to do something related to aircraft, and joining Lufthansa was my opportunity to do so.

About Dr. Abhinand Jha

Dr. Abhinand Jha has been working as an IT consultant specialized in SAP at Lufthansa Industry Solutions since October 2015. He manages customer projects in the MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) business unit at the Hamburg location. He holds a PhD in physics and gained professional experience as an SAP developer before joining Lufthansa Industry Solutions. 

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